Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

Dancer choreographer and dance advocate Cecilia Lisa Eliceche was born in the east of Wallmapu territory, now known as southern Argentina. Her heart and feet are rooted in the territory of Abya Yala, where she became who she is. She is eternally grateful to her mother, father and sister for their love: Maite Eliceche, Maite Lisa and Cesar Ruben Lisa.

She starts dancing in the local dance academy of Bahia Blanca, but also feeds herself by learning and practising different popular dances such as cumbia, tango, milonga and danzas vascas. At the age of 18, she moved to Brussels to study at P.A.R.T.S., Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's school. In the meantime, she is invited as a guest student at Movement Research in New York City.

She conceives dance as a space to practice otherwise and otherworlds. The culinary arts as well as rituals of death, birth and life sustenance have become central to her work and life. Since 2016, she has been sharing life and work with Brazilian artist Leandro Nerefuh and diving in the deep waters of Ayiti.


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