Making Waves

On Saturday 30th July 'A Seat for the Sea' is invited at Making waves: learning and applying water knowledges. Making Waves offers a weekend-long exploration of the concepts of hydrocommons and hydrocitizenship, both essential to a sustainable interaction with water. The concepts will be translated into concrete examples and actions that can be applied in everyday life through panel discussions and a hands-on workshop using design thinking methods and considering indigenous practices.

Hydrocommons refers to the recognition of water as a commons; a joint resource that cannot be owned by anyone and is our common responsibility. Hydrocitizenship encompasses actions that citizens take to increase the acceptance of water as a commons. It results in active engagement with water governance, often in local communities, that is characterised by learning, negotiation and practice. The forum will translate both concepts into concrete examples and actions that can be applied in everyday life.

The panel will dive deeper into water as a shared eco-social resource, exploring how we could allow water and its inhabitants their own rights and voices, and how this non-human knowledge can contribute to a more holistic approach to nature and a deeper awareness of its needs. The speakers in this panel are A Seat for the Sea, artist Sissel Marie Tonn, and artist collective De Onkruidenier.

The weekend is a collaboration between Still Waters Run Deep and RADIUS CCA. Still Waters Run Deep is a group exhibition about the interaction between humans and water, taking place at Nieuw Dakota in Amsterdam-North from 26 June - 7 August.

Saturday 30th July, 19:30 - 22:00 hrs, panel discussions at RADIUS CCA, Kalverbos 20, 2611 XW Delft

For more information and to buy your tickets: making waves


Photo by Esther Kokmeijer, Deep Meaning of Voyaging - Click for high res