Raf Custers

Photo by Greet Brauwers - Click for high res

Raf Custers (Brussels, BE) is historian, writer, doc-maker, singer-performer and journalist. Recently he initiated public interventions ‘ChoeurFew’ and ‘BROcean-Zeemonster’. He participated in Bru(i)tal and the musical performances ‘What happened to the dead fish’ (2021, kfda), ‘Melancholy at the 5 blocks’ (BBEK/Kaaitheater) and ‘Oslo’ (2018, Kaaitheater). For ‘Melancholy at the 5 Blocks’ (2020) he did the dramaturgy. He makes visual work in the graphic arts studio of the academy of Anderlecht.

A lot of visual work is created in cooperation with Greet Brauwers such as the transmedia project ‘Re-Pulse’ (since 2019) and the award-winning documentary ‘Lithium, curse or blessing for Bolivia’ (2011). Together they undertook a study tour in 2013-2014 through South America for fieldwork on extractivism, the city and civil resistance, from which a book and numerous video documents resulted. His documentary ‘Cri d'alarme du Kivu’ was awarded the Silver Signis in Rome in 2001. Raf Custers published books on stowaways, media activism, the multinationals of global mining and extractivism. He has worked for radio, television, newspapers, web media and magazines (Mediamatic, Andere Cinema, Africa in the Picture...).