Greet Brauwers

Photo by RafCusters - Click for high res

Greet Brauwers (BE) is a journalist, researcher, filmmaker and artist. She is the author of several documentaries including 'Bruxelles-Kinshasa', 'Do You Copy Me?', 'Torture in Baraka', 'Marrying across the border' and 'Everyone migrant'. The documentary 'Lithium, curse or blessing for Bolivia' was awarded the press prize of the Council for Sustainable Development. Besides journalistic work, she also created participatory socio-artistic projects. In 2005, she joined the alternative media platform

Since 2017, she has been working at the intersection of documentary, anthropology and visual arts. In collaboration with SoundImageCulture (SIC), she realised the film 'Traces Mathieu Corman, A Platform for Phantoms of the Past' (part of a performance at Beursschouwburg, Chambres d'O and TAZ). Now she’s developing the transmedia project 'Repulse' in collaboration with Raf Custers. She has a master's degree in audiovisual arts, KASK.