Robertina Šebjanic

Online 16-04-2022 voices: Robertina Šebjanic, Raf Custers, Greet Brauwers

Robertina Šebjanic: for the session of ASftS, I could shorten the composition I've made on sound pollution in Ostend in 2020; is live presence necessary ? I will be in Belgium in June. Now I'm in Dubrovnik for a residence > linked to a consortium meeting The presentations of all the works of this residence will be around the same period as TAZ in Ostend so I'm not sure I can attend in person Proposal : composition Ostend, shorter version, variation, noise pollution, human intervention and the seas Risk : that I'll have to cancel last minute to be there in person

I've made this with Gluon : [and ther was also an interview with the newspaper De Tijd]

Raf Custers: the physical part of the performance is important but maybe you can be present online and participate in a minimal way and engaging

Greet Brauwers: we'll use more or less the same format as in Amsterdam, 10' per artist, exchange practices and exchange with audience and maybe broader public we're not sure if there will be a streaming, I still have to check

Raf Custers: the event will be in Kaap, with big windows, there will be a lot of light Robertina: my exhibition was also in Kaap Greet: It's a coincidence to be back in Kaap [it was the only place with a direct link to sea] Robertina: I could prerecord something, so if there are problems with technical stuff you have a back up

Raf : it could be a 2 channel presentation, with some part of your work and you online

Robertina : these are video's that could accompany the sound It's Black emptiness to illustrate the sound, create the feeling, but you can also just close your eyes and listen

I can talk about the public management of water, and I could talk about public policies it would be a micro performance based on what I've made with Gluon

Instead of projections [too much light] you could "close your eyes" [but not everybody feels comfortable] but the video in BL&W has strong sound ;

A solution would be to have 2-3 flatscreens example : different TV's in an outside presentation 3 flatscreens and one image divided on the 3 screens

Photo by Andrej Pevnik - Click for high res

Northsea for me is exotic, I know the beach here at the Mediterranean has rocks, in BE + NL there are large beaches, that's very different, and little houses on the beach Adriatic for me is normal