Cecilia Lisa Eliceche

Online, 23/05/2022 voices: Cecilia Lisa Eliceche, Greet Brauwers, Raf Custers

Raf : we are doing a performance at the UN Ocean Conference, probably on Tuesday 28 June (to be confirmed) ... Amsterdam : Oceans as Archives ... 25 June dance performance, Lisbon Galeria Boavista, linked to Haiti - 2 movements

i. Mov against Terracide (°women), often dispute between indigenous with environmentalists (strive for protection), Terracide is destruction visible/invisible or tangible/intangible [murder - Peron's mother was mapuche - reached out... murdered a woman and her children...] recently a young girl dreamed : fulfill [...] in "protected (by Nation State) area" ii. Mov against Deep Sea Petrol, Atlantic Coast - one of the main ports [Bahia Blanca, industrialised, a.o. Belgian, chemical - Solvay, one of the main polluters... release very toxic fumes, "Solvay green energy" at Zaventem Airport], port of Quequen, historically export seeds..., now soy [40% retention, peak of soy, the money of the Kirchners], small port but open, you could walk around... like 5y ago they started to close... first step towards something else, processing of seeds... DSM since the 1960ies, but no information [until recently] you should know : Observatorio Petrolifero Nacional [with org in Netherlands, involved in Shell-Nigeria trials...] Equinor / Microsoft / Shell : MS software for data gathering in deep ocean - I'd like to know more no information available for any scientist at all coastal areas at the Pampa : no perforation [in the South yes] - no Arg scientists has done research data capturing and data extraction very damaging for life in deep sea lost pinguins started to appear, dead whales : UNUSUAL now people started questioning already impacts on the shores + in deep sea cfr General Roca era : they made squares = blocs, to show them [in Mar del Plata, court case, won, to stop deap sea searching..., because it would affect tourism and fishing, January = Summer - 'Fuera Petrolera'] publication : Extractivismo (of the Observatorio...) Jan De Nul, so much advertisement, why ? port of Necochea... we want to stop that... this port is central for everything that is happening on Arg coast... Equinor has been there... property developments ?

GR : "oil drilling" described as deep sea mining, why ?

Cecilia : Haiti, Columbus 1st set foot, Land of High Mountains = High Land as in High Spiritual Land, in Port-au-Prince, whales ≠ migrating whales, in Haitian voodoo, whales for us not mammals, La Baleine, the cosmogony is very rich, the mystery, the continued colonial attack, they experiment everything and then practice elsewhere, in their narrative "Haiti the poorest country" [Argentina / Haiti / Brazil], 70% of Haitians believe 2010 earthquake was geo-engineered... hit at 16:53, they believe the imperial powers have the capacity to create earthquake what is geo-engineering ? experiments with cloud explosions... to change the weather [Bill Gates, quote about the sun] then you have voodoo, is the opposite started to study this, seismic movements [petrol drilling, big fat mess] alerted about deep sea mining through my initiation in voodoo link Quequen Mapuche communities : movement of territory recuperation, since the 1980ies I personally recuperation of territory in Quequen also language recuperation born in Bahia Blanca, my debt is with the Mapuche, started to learn language longest night of the year Mapuche : a parliament, many beings come together, composition of the river changes, bathe after parliament in 2021, one day before this night, ten whales came into the river Quequen [sound of the river], in Haitian voodoo the meeting of salty and sweet water - quimbi : from Congo, "spirit", the force, the migration, ?? qualities - after the longest night, the whales left... to Peninsula Valdez important place ... Mapuche tacher believe that the whales came in to parliament one of the Mapuche fighters, killed by the state, "winka, when you have destroyed all of us, the storm will come whales also territorial recuperation they are with us, with you, to meet, people in the extended sense of people, and they are coming from different places, doing parliament

GR : your connection to Haiti

Cecilia : member of society of Haitian voodoo, as non-Haitian, it is where I learn, my spiritual home

GR : no other connection ?

Cecilia : there is ; Haitian triumph for freedom ; Haitian revolution had profound influence in Argentina and elsewhere, the constitution of 1804 ; we do daily work, as fully spiritual beings... to live in a healthy world, cosmos - to keep balance - this insanity is too big the exhibition... the performance... different shapes : pedagogical gatherings, texts, website, sound of whales, textual archive ... Lisbon > Brussels > Salvador de Bahia... we inhabit different places, often temples


GR : we'd like our performance to be interactive and with physical involvement, because if people 'motorize' they'll interiorise stuff better

Cecilia : I conceive choreography in an extended sense, everything is choreography... food is essential for my choreographic practice... choclate, liquor, with different spices... it is hosting, the receiving, where do you sit them... the technologies that are being used... dance are cosmic portals, important to connect with

geometric parcelling / allotment : to divide in blocs that can be auctioned...

group of people that are not neutral have already a sensorial connection, let them think of movement 'unnaming'

Colonial arrogance, think they know, we have mysteries I give a lot of knowledge mysteries are important, we don't know everything I'm a very small leave recognize there are mysteries perposefull hiding information now such a catastrophie I and my community share information, we have had to hide for survival but now we have to share information, not hide to project

unnaming, power of the word, is very powerfull I'm speaking with you and many, power of the verb so naming is importatnt if I name something I recognize the power of that subject FI calling a spirit to guide a death person

Haiti is a perfect excample of mapping I have a portal with lake Titicaca FI

Raf : there's a risk if you had information but fi in Congo, people are hiding a lot of knowledge, because they have a formal behavior towards you but nobody researched this

we have to continu search for mystery and not take scientists into account
we have high knowledge, herbal medecins
western science are scared that's why they make the Hollywood movies

it's normal that people are hiding things There are so many ancestors, if you drilling for oil you're awakinening the ancestors

a complex matter, it's a legitimate question for a white belgian man
If you don't have a space, our space could be used, and a dance studio