Esther Kokmeijer

Esther Kokmeijer (NL), born in Dokkum, is an artist, explorer, designer and photographer, currently residing in Rotterdam and working around the globe. In her work as an artist, she mainly focuses on the global commons. A term typically used to describe international, supranational, and global resource domains. global commons include the earth’s shared natural resources, such as the high oceans, the atmosphere and outer space and the Antarctic in particular.

Recurring motifs and questions in her work are; How do myths and sagas express and shape mankind’s relationship with nature? How do we relate to and work with the elements and our environment? How do they exert influence on us? What are humanity’s effects on geological and biological processes? What can we learn from indigenous knowledge systems, can it deepen or induce a more sustainable relationship to our natural environment, and will it bring more solidarity with the landscape?

Seasonally she works as an expedition photographer and polar guide, in the Arctic and Antarctic. She is the founder of ANTARKTIKOS, a magazine that is solely dedicated to Antarctica, co founder of Cosmic Water Foundation and part of the art collective If Paradise Is Half As Nice.


Photo by Esther Kokmeijer - Click for high res